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We assist organizations in applying IT technologies in such a way as to increase their efficiency, optimize expenses, prepare for development, and ensure security.

The effective implementation of our services and products is crucial to the personal success of our clients as well as the success of the organizations they represent. As a community of problem solvers and solution developers, we set a very high bar of responsibility for delivering results.

We make sure that the data used and the processes carried out in a modern and organized manner. We have completed over 450 projects – we know how to do it well.

We offer proven tools to improve your business. We know these solutions – we can seamlessly implement any of them in your company and adapt them to your specific needs.
Our employees are certified specialists in the field of network resource and server management as well as licensing specialists. We constantly improve our qualifications and professional skills by participating in various product training and Thematic Conferences.


When preparing an offer, we were guided by many years of our work experience with clients, together with the technological knowledge of the team.

We have developed a number of solutions that implement specific functionalities and provide value for customers from various sectors.


In the implementation, we often use the unique competences of our team, partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers, and many years of work experience in various markets.

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We are a company operating on the modern technology market since 2017. Every day, we help clients understand and adapt to the digital world. We have extensive competences that allow us to implement even very complex projects, and IT services. We support clients in Poland and abroad.

Adam Maciejewski

former president GPW S.A., Economist and Manager
“I know and recommend it. From my point of view, the main advantage of the team is not so much the executive professionalism, which I consider so obvious that it is difficult to even mention it, but the culture of cooperation with the client, including the authentic and not pretended willingness to understand his business needs. "

Michał Wyszkowski

Business Development Manager at Samsung
“People are the greatest value in Cloudica. I had the pleasure of working with this band for over 5 years and I know one thing: nothing is impossible for them. Striving for perfection, imagination and knowledge in the field of "cloud computing" solutions allow them to achieve goals unattainable for the competition. "

Business Tech Provider

IT Infrastructure Lead
"The main strengths of Cloudica are people and their expert knowledge in the field of Microsoft services."

Dorota Nicewicz-Modrzewska

Agile Transformation Manager at Vatenfall
"What I like the most about Cloudica is the fact that they can speak understandable language to me, not" IT dialect ". They are always facing the customer. And they have great customer service!"
In June 2017, many Ukrainian organizations and authorities were affected by a cyberattack using Petya ransomware. However, the purpose of the attacks was not to ransom, but to cause as much chaos and havoc as possible.


At our client’s place, virtually all drives on users’ computers as well as servers and data (including financial and production) have been encrypted. The failure made it impossible to implement basic business processes.


Adam Kotecki

Chief Executive Officer, Cloudica sp. z o. o.
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